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About us

We are 2 persons who definitely have an individual characteristic. “Difference” can be an appropriated explanation of who we are. So, how come we can work and stay together with the different characteristic we both have? It is because we’ve found something fulfilled by each other. BigHead loves to create image and good at remembering what is the color, what is the image or whatsoever called "Art" but what Big Head hates is something called “Text” while I am the text lover and love to read text but very bad in how to explain it with “IMAGE”. So we’ve found the fulfillment!!

That is just one little piece things we can get along but the most importantly is we have the same belief, that’s why are can talk anything with sometimes argument to be tuned. So what is our belief is what you must see from what we’ve shown and what is our definitely definition “Balance on Difference”

B - in Luck
Bangkok, Thailand.

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